Firstory podcast hosting affiliate program

Inviting you to our affiliate program

Become an affiliate if you have a high-traffic website, a large social media presence, or a popular podcast. Every month, for each podcast customer you refer to Firstory, you can earn a 25% commission.

Firstory is a well-liked podcast hosting service. We believe you will like our affiliate program.

Here’s why:

1. We host over 10,000 podcasts, and our service is reliable and expanding!

2. Every time you earn a new commission, you will be alerted by email.

3. The payments will be made monthly through PayPal.

4. You can check your total traffic, leads, and conversions in our affiliate dashboard. You’ll also be able to check how much money you’ve made in commission.

Here’s how our podcast hosting affiliates program works:

Step1: Sign up

The Firstory affiliate program is open to anybody. You don’t even have to be a Firstory client to promote the company. However, in order to be a successful affiliate, you must be able to:

1. Recognize the value of podcast hosting and believe in Firstory’s potential.

2. You have a target group that needs a powerful yet simple podcast hosting tool to help them grow audiences.

Step2: Share with your audience

All you have to do to earn that wonderful recurring commission is start sharing the personalized link we offer you in all the proper places. However, we want you to be a huge success as an affiliate. As a result, we additionally provide you with useful materials such as:

1. To produce your content, you’ll need graphics and video materials.

2. You’ll have a dashboard to keep track of your progress.

Step3: Earn ✨

Every person who signs up for Firstory using your affiliate link earns you a 25% commission. But it’s not simply the one-time payment people make when they sign up. For as long as their Firstory account is active, that 25% will be sent into your bank account every month.

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Compare to other podcast affiliates programs:

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Buzzsprout: Buzzsprout only pays $25 for each referral, and it is not a recurring payment.

Simplecast: Simplecast doesn’t have a public affiliate program.

Soundcloud: Soundcloud doesn’t have a public affiliate program.

SoundOn: SoundOn doesn’t have a public affiliate program.

Libsyn: Libsyn doesn’t have a public affiliate program.