Changelog: Sep 16, 2022

Changelog Sep 16, 2022 Optimization Optimized synchronizing the sponsorship line chart on the homepage and wallet data. (This feature is only available in Taiwan right now.)

Changelog: Aug 19, 2022

Changelog Aug 19, 2022 New features Wallet: You can now view the past advertising profit sharing status on the “Ad Campaign” -> “Wallet” page. We will settle the bill after the advertising period ends, and indicate the date of payment. When uploading a single episode, you can directly enable the advertising authorization. You can directly …

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Changelog: July 22, 2022

Changelog June 22, 2022 Optimization Optimize the registration process for new users, remove redundant steps and update copywriting. Update the “Listening Platforms” page, and Google Podcasts will be listed manually section. New features Firstory Studio customer service system upgrade. Add click tracking of Dynamic Ad Insertion. Add audience profile analysis of Dynamic Ad Insertion. Add …

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Changelog: July 8, 2022

Changelog June 8, 2022 Enhancement Episode upload status optimization: this enhancement allows creators to see a more transparent file status after uploading and feel secure in closing the window and waiting for the file to be uploaded automatically.

Changelog: June 10, 2022

Changelog June 10, 2022 New Feature Dynamic description Added dynamic replacement description feature to track conversion performance of dynamic ad insertion. Advertisers can add information and links related to advertisements in the description column of the single episode they are running during the period, and automatically remove the information and links after the advertisement ends. …

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Changelog: 20220527

Changelog May 27, 2022 Bug fixes and enhancements The format of the audio file after uploading. Apple Pay is currently unavailable for sponsorship, so we decided to hide it for now. Fixed the issue where the episode list would disappear when the user clicks the previous page on the episode page. Fix the problem of …

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Changelog: 20220513

Changelog May 13, 2022 New Feature: Dynamic Ad Insertion Officially Launched (5 Key Points) It can be opened after an average of more than 1000 downloads of a single episode. Creators can select the episodes they want to have ad insertion, and our advertising system will include the episodes in the delivery target. Currently, it …

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Changelog: 20220415

Changelog April 15, 2022 Bug fixes and enhancements   1. After subscribing to the Po plan, the user did not receive the success purchased email. The issue has been resolved. 2. Change the message on the signup page for the affiliate link user. 3. The dashboard’s download section has been improved: Downloads are updated every …

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Elementor #6562

Changelog April 1, 2022 Firstory web player bug fixes: 1. Problem with the search function. 2. Donation button can’t display. 3. Manage donation display problem. 4. Rating function cannot display. 5. Cross-platform comments cannot be displayed. 6. Old episode display problem. 7. The problem of being forced to log out when switching accounts in the …

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Changelog March 18, 2022

Changelog March 18, 2022 Back-end system upgrades: After two years of podcast market evolution, program surges, and steady traffic growth, our back-end system started to slow down, the operation experience became stuck, data updates slowed down, and uploading errors occurred… Our engineering team refactored for three months before finally going live on Monday. Creators should …

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