Changelog: 20220513

Changelog May 13, 2022

New Feature: Dynamic Ad Insertion Officially Launched (5 Key Points)

  1. It can be opened after an average of more than 1000 downloads of a single episode.
  2. Creators can select the episodes they want to have ad insertion, and our advertising system will include the episodes in the delivery target.
  3. Currently, it is only available for Taiwan IP creators.
  4. Ads will be inserted at the beginning or end of an episode.
  5. The creator can cancel the authorization at any time, but if there is already an advertising campaign running on the creator’s single episode, the authorization will not be canceled until the advertising campaign ends.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  1. Optimized the interface of the episodes page.
  2. Fixed an issue where published episodes could not be saved when the creator want to edit.
  3. Fix FLink freemium user usage issues.
  4. Because the dynamic ad insertion is online, so the chapter feature is closed (Because the timeline will be complex), and the chapters that have been set in the past can still be used.
  5. Fixed the issue of episode advertising authorization.
  6. Fixed the time error problem after the advertisement was synthesized into the original audio file.
  7. Fixed the issue that could not be customized date of episode download.