Changelog March 18, 2022

Back-end system upgrades: After two years of podcast market evolution, program surges, and steady traffic growth, our back-end system started to slow down, the operation experience became stuck, data updates slowed down, and uploading errors occurred… Our engineering team refactored for three months before finally going live on Monday.

Creators should notice improved upload stability and speed, faster FLink updates, more frequent data updates, and a smoother background operation experience.

This update not only allows creators to experience the upgrade but also improves the speed and quality of future feature development while also effectively maintaining the system’s operation. We’re ecstatic to be able to roll out such a significant update. However, because this update is aimed at a large number of people, many bugs have surfaced in the days following its release, causing the creators problems. Our team is truly sorry for all those who have been impacted. Thank you for your patience and feedback, which many creators are providing these days. Thank you very much.