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All the details about the latest Firstory updates.

Changelog June 10, 2022

New Feature

Dynamic description

  • Added dynamic replacement description feature to track conversion performance of dynamic ad insertion. Advertisers can add information and links related to advertisements in the description column of the single episode they are running during the period, and automatically remove the information and links after the advertisement ends.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Updated the listening platforms of the “distribution” page to remove Breaker for players that have been closed.

Changelog May 27, 2022

Bug fixes and enhancements
  1. The format of the audio file after uploading.
  2. Apple Pay is currently unavailable for sponsorship, so we decided to hide it for now.
  3. Fixed the issue where the episode list would disappear when the user clicks the previous page on the episode page.
  4. Fix the problem of unable to change Email.

Changelog May 13, 2022

New Feature: Dynamic Ad Insertion Officially Launched (5 Key Points)

  1. It can be opened after an average of more than 1000 downloads of a single episode.
  2. Creators can select the episodes they want to have ad insertion, and our advertising system will include the episodes in the delivery target.
  3. Currently, it is only available for Taiwan IP creators.
  4. Ads will be inserted at the beginning or end of an episode.
  5. The creator can cancel the authorization at any time, but if there is already an advertising campaign running on the creator’s single episode, the authorization will not be canceled until the advertising campaign ends.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  1. Optimized the interface of the episodes page.
  2. Fixed an issue where published episodes could not be saved when the creator want to edit.
  3. Fix FLink freemium user usage issues.
  4. Because the dynamic ad insertion is online, so the chapter feature is closed (Because the timeline will be complex), and the chapters that have been set in the past can still be used.
  5. Fixed the issue of episode advertising authorization.
  6. Fixed the time error problem after the advertisement was synthesized into the original audio file.
  7. Fixed the issue that could not be customized date of episode download.

Changelog April 15, 2022

Bug fixes and enhancements


1. After subscribing to the Po plan, the user did not receive the success purchased email. The issue has been resolved.

2. Change the message on the signup page for the affiliate link user.

3. The dashboard’s download section has been improved:

  • Downloads are updated every three hours for freemium users. Spotify downloads are updated every 48 hours.
  • Downloads are updated every three hours for pro users. Every 24 hours, the Repeat Downloads are updated. Spotify downloads are updated every 48 hours.


We’re currently working hard on testing an upcoming paywall feature, which will be available at a later date, where creators can build articles in the dashboard and listeners can unlock them.

Changelog April 1, 2022

Firstory web player bug fixes:

1. Problem with the search function.

2. Donation button can’t display.

3. Manage donation display problem.

4. Rating function cannot display.

5. Cross-platform comments cannot be displayed.

6. Old episode display problem.

7. The problem of being forced to log out when switching accounts in the comments area.

8. Voicemail cannot be used.

Firstory General Questions:

1. Sponsorship issue fixed.

2. FLink problem.

3. The app cannot be logged in.

4. Podcast playlist problem.

5. Uploading the audio file with tags caused the problem that it could not be uploaded.

6. The problem of uploading episodes in the new upload interface.

7. Episode tags cannot be saved and modified.

8. The download count of the episode list is 0.

9. Comments era in the creator dashboard cannot be displayed.

10. First 10-Day Episode Performance didn’t update.

11. Episode list has an order problem.

12. After audience sponsorship, it will not be displayed in the background, and the creator has not been notified.

13. Information column blank problem.

14. Episode ranking display problem.

15. The Apple Podcasts message link to enter the web interface is broken.

16. Intercom user status display problem.

Changelog March 18, 2022

Back-end system upgrades: After two years of podcast market evolution, program surges, and steady traffic growth, our back-end system started to slow down, the operation experience became stuck, data updates slowed down, and uploading errors occurred… Our engineering team refactored for three months before finally going live on Monday.

Creators should notice improved upload stability and speed, faster FLink updates, more frequent data updates, and a smoother background operation experience.

This update not only allows creators to experience the upgrade but also improves the speed and quality of future feature development while also effectively maintaining the system’s operation. We’re ecstatic to be able to roll out such a significant update. However, because this update is aimed at a large number of people, many bugs have surfaced in the days following its release, causing the creators problems. Our team is truly sorry for all those who have been impacted. Thank you for your patience and feedback, which many creators are providing these days. Thank you very much.

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