Elementor #6562

Changelog April 1, 2022

Firstory web player bug fixes:

1. Problem with the search function.

2. Donation button can’t display.

3. Manage donation display problem.

4. Rating function cannot display.

5. Cross-platform comments cannot be displayed.

6. Old episode display problem.

7. The problem of being forced to log out when switching accounts in the comments area.

8. Voicemail cannot be used.

Firstory General Questions:

1. Sponsorship issue fixed.

2. FLink problem.

3. The app cannot be logged in.

4. Podcast playlist problem.

5. Uploading the audio file with tags caused the problem that it could not be uploaded.

6. The problem of uploading episodes in the new upload interface.

7. Episode tags cannot be saved and modified.

8. The download count of the episode list is 0.

9. Comments era in the creator dashboard cannot be displayed.

10. First 10-Day Episode Performance didn’t update.

11. Episode list has an order problem.

12. After audience sponsorship, it will not be displayed in the background, and the creator has not been notified.

13. Information column blank problem.

14. Episode ranking display problem.

15. The Apple Podcasts message link to enter the web interface is broken.

16. Intercom user status display problem.