Who uses Firstory for their podcast?

Our customers are amazing! Here are some of the people who host their podcasts on Firstory.

吃史 Eat History

Host Howard brings you a story you’ve never heard before on Taiwan’s best eating history podcast.


Plain-me is made up of a number of partners with varying levels of expertise, allowing it to better understand the culture of “clothing,” rather than relying solely on design to tell the story.


This is a podcast in which a gay Taiwanese man introduces Taiwan and his personal experiences in both Chinese and Japanese.

【You I Talk】台日夫婦ラジオ|台湾&日本 ゆうあいとーく 台日夫婦ラジオ

Yuai Toku Taiwan Couple Radio


The official P. LEAGUE+ Podcast program provides accurate, real-time, and first-hand information.

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