Podcast Hosting Designed to Bridge the Gap Between Podcasters and Audiences

Jump into the new era with our Firstory-exclusive tools specially designed to help you exponentially gain traction, grow, and manage podcasts built on strong podcaster-audience relationships.

Easily acquire new listeners and strengthen audience relations through feedback, interaction, and engagement.

This is the secret behind every successful creator.

Universal FLink tool​

Quickly scale your reach with FLink, our self-updating solution to all your links across multiple platforms. Tried and tested with a 20% conversion rate.

Cross-platform comment space

Effortlessly gather audience feedback across all directories. Our current users enjoy a 67.51% engagement rate and 27.44% re-comment rate.

Collect Voicemails

Easily receive and download voice messages from your fans. You can even use them to enrich your show’s episodes!




Conversion rate through FLink


Comment Engagement rate


Re-comment rate

Conveniently manage your show with these essential tools and upgrade your podcasting experience.

Podcasting shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Upload as much files as you want and receive as much traffic as you can get. Create without limitations!

One-click to the world

Automatically distribute your podcast to all major platforms with just one click. Subsequent episode uploads are also automatically updated!

Mobilize through the Creator App

Experience real-time sync with this ubiquitous platform, coupled with FLink QR Code integration.

Who uses Firstory for their podcast?

Firstory is the most popular podcast hosting service in Asia, and it is used by major media companies and key influencers.

As a creator who can code, Firstory always listens to the creator community and solves the pain point during the daily creator life. Take FLink as an example. It helps to reduce the process and time when creating a post with the link with all players. Also, the Apple Podcast reviews function to understand the listener feedbacks with one click. Those changes and the creator focus culture help creators, and I appreciate seeing them grow. I strongly recommend the hosting service to you.

Jesse, Host & Producer @ JL talks